Living With Ghosts – Literally!

Part Two: Talking to your ghostly companions

Last time, we spoke about how to listen to your spectral roommates. Providing tools for proper communication is very important, but communication is a two-way street, so in addition to listening, you also need to be able to speak to your paranormal pals.

There are many methods for speaking to spirits, but I’ve found the best one is just to speak to them like any other person. You may be tempted to use a spirit board (aka a Ouija Board), a pendulum, a tarot deck, or some other method often advertised as a way to communicate beyond the veil, but please PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION when using those. It’s never guaranteed that you’re …

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History of the Colonel Williams Inn, Part 1

The Foundation Built

In the mid-18th century, the land of Marlboro (and everywhere else in southern Vermont) was a dense forest of fir, birch, oak, pine, hemlock, oak, and (later, the most important) maple trees. The area was untouched and unsettled, used mainly as hunting and gathering grounds for the Western Abenaki people.

In 1751, Benning Wentworth, the Governor of the Province of New Hampshire, chartered what were called the New Hampshire Land Grants: an attempt by New Hampshire to claim land west of the Connecticut River, which was strongly contested by the state of New York, who felt they had claim to that land. On April 29th, 1751, the first round of the charter granted the …

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“Your Ghost Sucks” & Other Scary Things

So – what do you do when you find out that not only do you have a haunting, but the haunter is a perverted, homophobic, jerk? In other words, what do you do when your ghost sucks? That is the question we are asking ourselves after the culmination of the investigation by and airing of “Carriage House Creeper” on the Travel Channel show Kindred Spirits.

The first thing I must say is that Amy (Bruni) and Adam (Berry) – the chief investigators – along with the entire crew, are the kindest and most competent team we could have asked for. The investigation and research was incredibly thorough, and the filming (four whole nights and a half-day) was efficient and …

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250 Years Strong

250 years ago, Colonel William Williams moved his family from Massachusetts to the still-new town of Marlboro Vermont and to the land that houses the Colonel Williams Inn today. The house and barn were constructed from trees felled on the property – which is kind of cool to think about. We have some trees that escaped and are now more than 300 years old. History vibrates through each foundation stone.

So – it’s pretty cool living in such an old structure. I thought that I’d give y’all a peek at (what some people think) is the creepiest part of the house: the basement. In the original section, the field stones – also probably from the property – were simply stacked …

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