“Your Ghost Sucks” & Other Scary Things

So – what do you do when you find out that not only do you have a haunting, but the haunter is a perverted, homophobic, jerk? In other words, what do you do when your ghost sucks? That is the question we are asking ourselves after the culmination of the investigation by and airing of “Carriage House Creeper” on the Travel Channel show Kindred Spirits.

The first thing I must say is that Amy (Bruni) and Adam (Berry) – the chief investigators – along with the entire crew, are the kindest and most competent team we could have asked for. The investigation and research was incredibly thorough, and the filming (four whole nights and a half-day) was efficient and didn’t disrupt our lives at all. There were SO many things discussed and discovered that didn’t make it into the episode … but that is a discussion for another day.

Today, I’d like to ponder the question of the creep who is in residence in the carriage house – and how to deal with him. It would be awesome to be able to say that Adam and Amy were the only “victims” of his temper, but just last week our guests reported having extreme anxiety-provoking dreams as well as having possessions go missing. And that was just the last week. I assume that most people don’t report weird things that happen during their stay, and until the episode aired we didn’t tell people about the reported haunting or specific activity. If there was an experience, we wanted the guest to tell us about it spontaneously … to say, “Your ghost sucks.”

Amy Bruni, paranormal investigator
Amy getting ready to kick some butt.

But this guy – and he is a dude – is not only creepy, he is a homophobe. And a pervert. I wanted to sink through the floor when he used an LGBT-related slur towards Adam, and poor Amy had to stop listening to his garbage after he talked about naked three-ways. I almost always get the creeps when cleaning the room(s) there, but now I know it isn’t an eerie-creepy, but a lecherous-creepy.

Chip Coffey, psychic, reacting to our ghost
Chip Coffee (a well-respected psychic) reacting to the carriage house creeper. “He wasn’t liked in life, and he probably isn’t liked in death” aka “your ghost sucks.” Great.

The advice we got is to handle him like we would handle any living creepy guy … tell him we won’t put up with his BS and to leave us alone. The thing is … do we really stand up and confront people like this, or are we in general more compliant and less confrontational? When we are faced with a situation where someone says or does something that makes us uncomfortable, are we more likely to ignore it and walk away (or change the subject) than to call out the behavior as offensive and wrong?

Adam Berry, paranormal investigator
OMG Adam, I am so sorry my ghost is such an a$$hole.

All I know is that when that advice was given in such a simple, matter-of-fact, straight forward way, I felt a twinge of discomfort and doubt. Could I actually do that? It wasn’t until we purchased the inn – and then it took a couple of years – before I finally felt comfortable calling people out who were breaking the rules. And those were well-discussed, publicly posted, non-negotiable rules. Is it a woman thing? A Southern thing? Is it because I’m generally a peace-maker?

But let’s face it – this jerk is DEAD. Literally. So the answer is yes I can. Amy and Adam handled his BS with poise and grace … even when it got personal. Chelsea made a deal with him years ago and never puts up with his crap. That gives me hope for the future, and pride that I raised a daughter who is stronger than me. She has inspired me to set boundaries with the dead AND the living.

So next time you have to deal with a creepy, homophobic ghost who sucks, remember that you DO have the power to stand up for yourself. And that is true even if the creeper is among the living.

Peace out, y’all – I promise the next entry will be light-hearted and fun 🙂


(Kindred Spirits: Carriage House Creeper – Season 6, Episode 6 – can be streamed on Discovery+ directly, and through Amazon Prime. Please watch if you can.)

And you can book Carriage House C for your very own haunted stay. If you dare.

Most blog entries are more fun!

14 thoughts on ““Your Ghost Sucks” & Other Scary Things”

  1. Just saw the episode, and it was great! I’ve always enjoyed my stays at your inn, and hope to be back again in the not too distant future. And I think I have an idea who the ghostly creep is….

  2. I am watching the episode of Kindred Spirits now. It must be very difficult to have this wonderful location, building, and business, BUT, have a jerk that came with the property. Good for you – standing up and claiming your space is empowering. The fans are all looking forward to updates as you continue your business. I wish you a prosperous future with your family and the property!

  3. I just watched the episode and came looking for an update. First want to say that I’m glad you’re not dealing with a malevolent entity. However if you must live with a ghost, one that’s not nice isn’t desirable either. Someday I’d love to hear that you’ve been able to chase him out of there. At the very least I hope he can learn some manners and stay in his place. Has your daughter or anyone else through research been able to determine who this “jerk” is? As Amy and Adam said, it certainly sounds as if it’s someone who was alive more recently based on the language he uses. Do any more recent owners of the property fit the profile?

    1. Hi Shelley – things are pretty much status quo at the moment. We did have some enthusiasts come and stay and get some new evidence (see their comment), and my daughter is feeling empowered and hasn’t had any scares recently. Hopefully we will have even more information at some point soon!

  4. A friend and I will be there in a few days…..staying in the Carriage House. Wonder if we will meet him? If so, I hope we get it on video or audio. Can’t wait!

  5. As paranormal enthusiasts, my friend and I had the adventure of staying in Carriage House C last Saturday, February 12th. We brought our equipment with us and spent most of the night trying to contact and interact with the ghosts. We had our EMF, EVP, Video records, SLS Camera, flashlights, Spirit Box, Thermometer, Motion Light up Balls. Our EMF continuously went crazy around the table area. That seemed to be the area we got the most interaction. There was a lot of things being said on the Spirit Box. However, it was very difficult to understand. However, we did make out 2 very clear names…..John and Charlie. I know that John is the previous owner, but I, as well as the owners, are not sure if there was a Charlie in the picture? We captured, on the SLS Camera, 1 anomaly consistently around the table area as well as the middle big beam in the room. I have pictures of the one around the table. I also captured a picture of the anomaly touching my friend’s hand when requested too as well as the 2 anomalies together. It was kind of amusing when she put her hand out to try to touch it, it actually ducked as she did this. The 2nd anomaly was very small and looked almost like if was crunched down or walking on all fours. Maybe an animal? We got a lot of pictures and voice recordings so we are still carefully reviewing everything. Too bad there isn’t a way to add a couple of pictures. We had a very exciting time! We were happy with what we received.
    This is a beautiful place to stay! The owners were wonderful and accommodations were stupendous. Breakfast Tacos…..soooooo YUMMY!!
    Thank you for everything!

    1. It was so great to have y’all here! We’d love to see what you captured – feel free to email me any time (victoria(at)thecolonelwilliamsinn(dot)com. Looking forward to your next visit!

  6. I am here commenting after watching kindred spirits. from my opinion in my culture is that we respect the spirits before us. so what ever is there, all you have to do is ask permission to walk on their land in their space and talk to them kindly. let them know that you are here now and that you will respect their place. just imagine these are people before us, so they are curious as to who you are and who your guest are and without talking to them and asking permission is just a sign of disrespect, same goes for the living. but i seen you the owner and daughter on kindred spirits and you both seem to be really nice and warming, like i said all you gotta go is speak to them . and that you ask them to please accept your guest as family . thats all

    i bet after being on kindred spirits buisness will go up, having all sorts of investigators and just anyone who enjoys the paranormal to book their stay.
    you might want to thank the spirits.

    best of luck in your buisness maybe one day i can take my family and enjoy a vacation at your inn.

    1. Thank you for your kind words – there are additional spirits in the main house that were not mentioned on the TV show, and we have all come to an agreement to share our space. The carriage house is the only really negative energy on the property, but my daughter has been asserting her right to be there and requesting that the spirit behave himself. We’ll see how it goes. Summer is lovely here and we have nine rooms that aren’t in the carriage house – come see us anytime!

      1. Ahh I see, yes I remember there being that one negative spirit. Oh well might just be some old spirit that has a different or special personality not suited for everyone. But the good thing is these are just human spirits and not anything out of this world. Best wishes to you and your family things will be just fine.

        Note: I just couldn’t stop laughing when they did the spirit box and Adam was getting hit on by the spirit man. Lol haha to funny.

        Stay safe , God bless you all

  7. Ahh I see, yes I remember there being that one negative spirit. Oh well might just be some old spirit that has a different or special personality not suited for everyone. But the good thing is these are just human spirits and not anything out of this world. Best wishes to you and your family things will be just fine.

    Note: I just couldn’t stop laughing when they did the spirit box and Adam was getting hit on by the spirit man. Lol haha to funny.

    Stay safe , God bless you all

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