How to Have a Really Terrible Wedding – Part 2

Still with us? If you are deep in the planning phase – or just starting to dream – trust us: there are definitely things that will ensure your big day is a disaster. How to Have a Really Terrible Wedding – Part 2.

4. Allow other people to ruin your day

tl;dr – Everyone has an opinion, but you and your fiancé have the final say. We all know that “too many cooks spoil the soup:” everybody has an opinion – and especially regarding a wedding – they want it to be heard. Your cousin skipped the bouquet toss, and never forgave herself – you just HAVE to do that! Your BFF has 124 yards of left-over taffeta that you …

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How to Have a Really Terrible Wedding – Part 1

If you are knee- (or even ankle) deep in wedding planning, you’ve read plenty of articles about how to have the “best” or “most beautiful” wedding. This is not one of those articles. Today I am going to share with you how to have a really terrible wedding. One that your guests will talk about for years – for all the wrong reasons. One that will end up in a Buzz Feed article about disastrous nuptials. Oh yes – we do specialize in creating and hosting dreamy Vermont barn weddings. But through our many years of wedding and event planning experiences, we have seen some real disasters – most of which are (sorry to say) self-inflicted. Here is our advice …

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